Beatitudes of Siddhartha: 2 Right Aspiration: Seek first the kingdom of God; and all good things shall be added unto you.

Right Aspiration is about getting our priorities straight.  The faster the world goes and the more technology changes our life, the more we should reflect about pursing our careers in a context that will render good spiritual results as well as career satisfaction.  God forces no one to seek first the Kingdom, but those that do are most content with their lives.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S.

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Authenticity in Caring is Good for Business

What more is there to life than to work in unison with others and helping those around us to climb the mountain of understanding? As our planet ages we become more aware of our sacred writings and closer to God come those who dare to clasp their hands in silence when their books do not seem to match the love they have in their hearts.

Great transitions require great wisdom and great works are never the opus of one man or woman, but of a collective of humans who dare to believe in the dream that our planet will one day see beyond strife and war so that in each other’s embrace we discover the peace that surpasses all understanding.

As we evolve into a race of beings perfected by purpose for each other we shall take in our hands perfect stewardship of the planet that for the next several million years we shall call our home. One day, each Rabbi, Imam, and Priest will see the perfect parts of their scripture were written by the same hand and look into deeper realms where the word love becomes one solitary action that cannot be misunderstood or misinterpreted for by love

God looks into our souls and through love God helps us understand the importance of helping the widow, the orphan and those lovely aged humans we call seniors and will all one day will become. Free will however does not require us to help anyone.

Money we make when we build businesses, however, is best served when we use it dynamically to help others become viable and productive. There are many Philanthropists in this world and each one of us who tends to the needs of others becomes an ambassador of goodwill the moment he or she decides to roll up their sleeves and make difference.

Desire and will is all one needs to make a difference. Once upon a time, the mite of one widow drew the attention of the prince of peace, a lesson that through scripture taught us that in giving the amount or quantity is not the point, rather what truly matters is the intent of heart that gives.

Thus ruled by our hearts we cannot lose for love is a force that will generate in us the dreams that will shape our futures generation after generation right up to the last drop of water that is consumed and the final breath taken before moving on to matters beyond our understanding.

José María Chavira M.S.
CEO Angelcraft International


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