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Angelcraft-Triton 1 New Jerusalem

Welcome to ™Angelcraft Crown International located in the Hub of the ™World Theocracy  in ™YHWH New Jerusalem home of the ™Mexiquense and formerly the country of ™Mexico-also called ™Angelcraft International and ™Angelcraft International Business and Media Group.

We are an old fashion company who believes in making prophets.  So you can rest assured in your investments with us.  We believe that as prophets, who are teachers first and foremost and teaching and expounding on God’s word by writing new COW and putting that –God’s work– ahead of our own hunger and greed for money and power is YHWH “The Way” to success.

Think of us like the roots of trade and an ™International Ancient Merchant with the originator of commerce our Holy Spirit who is  ™The Wealth of Nations.”

We believe in “Right Business,”  “Right Government,” and “Right World Management and Commerce.”

At ™Angelcraft Crown International –in Partnership with the ™Holy Spirit–We invest in people, and we believe in them too.

Our investment and commitment to the ™human race and your souls through ™Reincarnation has proven successful and in more than 99.9 % of this worlds population.

We have succeeded by using dynamic and diverse cultural strategies to appeal to your souls spiritual growth in each of your incarnations.

We have succeeded in 99.9% of human commitments to the business of faith in God and we retain a 100% success rate in the ™”Spirituality” and the ™”Higher Power” business.

We have done so by prayer and writing ™Holy Cow, ™Holy Scripture and believing in goodness of ™God’s Holiness and by believing in good, sound, morality and using our Faith in God t0 buffer an ever increasing technologically challenging world.

This inspires Faith in our ever expanding Eternal Holy Spirit –the builder of great Heavens, Universes, Galaxies, Solar Systems, the Worlds and Great Civilizations- In every Culture on this planet.

We have proven scientifically that A-theism or Agnosticism is a spiritual state hence one must have a reference point of  God to a assert their Anti-Theist doctrines that deny God exists.  A Theist is a person that believes in God.  An Atheist is someone that does not.  Either way the Theism and the Life Force thrives in all living things.

At ™Angelcraft Crown International, ™”Right prosperity” is our aim and ™”Right philanthropy” is our game.  At ™Angelcraft Crown International, ™”Right partnership” with humanity to provides jobs for people all over the world and making sure we lead by example and hope others follow our lead.

Champions are usually born Champions.  Champions can also be made.  A winning tradition exists not in a bloodline but in a soul.  The souls of champions move from Bloodline to Bloodline through reincarnation to mold, shape, build and make champions out of younger souls.

An all state Running Back from Tennessee —Woody Mc Garrh– a close personal friend– made champions of his sons.  Many good Fathers do.  In the process however, do not forget to be a good shepherd and a spiritual leader to your spouse, your sons and your daughters.

As for me, mine and those that work for ™Angelcraft Crown International, we shall serve the Holy Spirit and others before ourselves and in doing so we prosper ourselves without covetousness.


Jose Maria Chavira – (Prince Adagio)


AGNVS DEI Prince Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni –  PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI VERBVM DEI.

The Son of God

 Eternity’s Quill the Living Word


World Administrator and Crown Prince of the Holy Spirits World Theocracy  AGNVS DEI Prince Adagio José Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT –PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI –Eternity’s Quill-Psychologist –Writer-Educator-Conservationist-Environmentalist-Human-Women, Children and Animal Rights Activist and Author of the Nine Needs all Humans Have and Institutor and Creator of Angelcraft Triton Anti-Psychological  Warfare-In Partnership with God’s Holy Spirit.  Biography at  http://eternitysquill.wordpress.com/

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