Holy Spirit Pad Phone vs HP TouchPad and the Apple iPad latest Versions


This day in Eternity we praise the Our Holy Spirit “The Great I Am” who is Mother and Father to us all for the new Educator Pad Made miraculously available to the poor in all nations with every ICON changed to culturally relative icons to inspire and entice the literate and illiterate to learning. As miraculous tool it speaks to the blind and deaf and is quasi-dynamic. You can access it here and  access it Holy Spirit Pad Tab on this website.

THE NEW ANGELCRAFT CROWN EDUCATION PAD OR EDUCATOR PAD STARTED OUT AS A REGULAR PNG. then transformed miraculously by the Holy Spirit into a flash like device with the compendium of all planetary knowledge built in. It is the essence of what is made available to Holy Spirit Corrections people and will entice you to learn.

The majority of the functions are available free of charge at Angelcraft Education http://angelcrafteducation.wordpress.com/the-holy-spirit-pad-edu-preschool-advanced-leaning-up-to-phd-md-psyd-and-international-equivilants/

The basic module that will be available for sale in near future cannot be hacked physically or by wizardry or witchcraft.

This program is miraculous and in the near future possibly parts of it may be reversed engineered using schematics and decryption codes  given out or sold by the Holy Spirit.

Also with a cell phone version, these hard wire adaptation and wireless touch pads have a DVD blue ray rom disc drive and 1 terabytes of memory that can be upgraded up to three terabytes in the first generation model.

This handy little device will make your coffee meetings, your buddy logic and debate arguments and board meetings even more dynamic and with more certainty using a closed system intranet and data base information gathering equation system so it can learn right knowledge inputed into computers and thus confirm itself and make itself better less the Religion of Democracy system of knowledge that aims to confuse you about dates times figures even established theories in physics.

These are only a small portion of the features that are available to you the touch pad also has ….


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