Yet having no form conceived of all things that have form – Welcome to the New World


August  8th 2014 – The Crown – Mazatlan Santa Maria Espíritu Santo -by Prince Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT.

Yet having no form – conceived of all things that have form. 

When I am fully awoken to my current reincarnation and think of my Father and Mother –the Holy Spirit our God of no Name– I have to write on how happy I am.

Again I am awoken and once awoken Money means nothing to me yet it means everything to the Holy Spirit and I understand why.

Money poorly managed has made people suffer in many parts of the world and so I do not mind partnering with the Holy Spirit to help stabilize the world once again as we have done many times before in the past.

And once Angels who inhabit mortal Bodies wake up they realize what I do.  The Holy Spirit is everything that is good on this planet; the magnificent and majestic rivers and waterfalls; the oceans and all life inside them; the mountains, the trees and the flowers and the bees are just a fragment of our blessed Holy Spirit greatness and wonder.

In the air we breathe the Holy Spirit is the Oxygen blend that makes life habitable for us on the planet and for fishes Oxygen is what they breathe in their liquid fresh or salt water environment. 

Every system on this planet that feeds plant, animal and human life is an amazing scientific discovery that only these last several hundred years have we come to perfect our understanding of God’s greatness.

Of all people, good God-loving scientists are those that can best identify with me because they can go on for hours about how wonderful our creator is.

Understanding Omniscience is very difficult for the average angelic human and depending on your state and how fallen you are makes proselytizing you quite a challenge.

The Chinese and the Asians have an aged old Dance called the Dance of a Thousand Hands.  It is the best that they could do and still make the effort look beautiful and symmetrical.

At Angelcraft Crown Corporation we tie our shoes just like everyone else.  All Our corporations and subsidiaries that make those products you love or need the most are our responsibility when bad management decisions by angelic humans are made and people, animals, and environment are hurt.

What we really dislike is the Lying and the trafficking of illegal drugs and children by Mason’s and those that support them.

They lie about Democracy and are lovers of only themselves and those like them.

I thank the Holy Spirit every second of every hour of every day for being there for you.  Naturally I do my part and its more than just ministering to you in the spirit or building companies and empires.

I have to tell you the truth when you ask me especially about miracles signs and wonders that I have called into being and the Holy Spirit has blessed things that are good for our world in many different ways.

I pray –like you should –for daily guidance from God our Holy Spirit in all things while fighting Mason Terror and their conspiracy of lies.

I pray and praise God as well while accepting responsibility for your judgment and can like the Holy Spirit do many things at once.

We are a team the Holy Spirit and I and have along with you participated in world events living in all the races and colors of people on the planet.

This is hard for fallen angels to accept and they come in many different colors and thus we have to warn you about them while judging them before they can do further damage allowing you also to be tested in your wisdom at times.

Its hard allowing the world to turn during judgment and being overprotective good people while judging the world is what I like to do best.  This is called separating the wheat from the chaff.  The chaff are the bad people.

I pray always for the victims of these fallen angels and feel sorry for their families and the children they have killed and feel nothing for their desire to move on without repenting for supporting a mass murder conspiracy and world governed by Satanists and hypocrites.

That is why taking over everything in this world does not bother me.  I know my burden is easy and our yoke is light.

I am grateful for the support the world has given us of their own free will and grateful for the great miracles that took us back to our roots.

The Holy Spirit’s coaching and training about reincarnation and ways of winning your hearts for the right reasons I am especially grateful for.            

Authorized and written by – JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni M.S.. PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI – AGA KHAN XIII – Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT- Adagio I – in partnership with the Holy Spirit –

Thunderstruck- the Quill of Prince Adagio Nome JCANGELCRAFT the reincarnation of Jesus Christ Mary's Day  only at JCANGELCRAFT


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