The Universes – the Heavens and the Worlds declare the Glory of God’s Holy Spirit

The Universes, the Heavens and the Worlds declare the Glory of God’s Holy Spirit and –all are matter– including our good angelic souls are Holy Spirit subsidiaries so that none shall falter when we as angels — in the flesh — fail God and each other at times in our ongoing journey through the compendium of time and space.

And as we live and move forward through eternity, space and time in every one of our reincarnations we are born again and become as a different and new person each time.    See John 3:3 in the Bible.

When Jesus said,  “you must be born again” there are implications that as Angels in human form,  that I expect you to understand

And that is that being made in God’s likeness is not to live only once but forever in expanse of space  and time and in worlds until we conquer the flesh and the spirit and that also means overcoming our  pride and prejudice and remember it was by pride and self -righteousness that Lucifer fell nor by sex as he was cursed and never incarnated.

Christians teach about being born again (john 3:3), but it is not taught as reincarnation.

And as beings made in God’s image and doing the things that we have done and especially our unbelief would making living one lifetime a ludicrous affair and unfair to us and even I would not serve a God so short-sighted and cruel that as to shame us and send us to hell after only one try at life when it takes many lifetimes to beat our unbelief in reincarnation and our pride and prejudice.

Those who teach that you only live once and then the judgment, fail to expound on that.  In each of your unique reincarnated lives you only live once as that incarnation and expression of your soul and then you get judged.

Every life you live in your journey through time and space in a different mortal body and culture gets judged and in every reincarnation you are a new person.

Truly our most advanced Angels are –in each lifetime and in every religion– Masters in the search for a better and clearer understanding of reincarnation through practical reasoning as well as scripture.

And Wizards Mason’s and those that support them have tried to make a travesty of India and Nepal through Democracy and have failed in their efforts to defeat Hinduism and their mastery of reincarnation and have also failed in Making Nepal a Democracy through self-immolation human sacrifices.

Intelligence agents and world citizens have read the pattern and concur that the statistics of self-immolation have gone up drastically since an Alianza effort to make Holy and Sacred Nepal the Democracy’s new religious hypocrisy support for fallen Angels having once again lost the “Vat” that is now again the Holy See .

Hinduism is not immoral and will be around forever and you will keep passing through hinduism throughout youre journey through time and space as you reincarnate on earth until it settles in well with you.

I pray our Other good religious institutions do not lose what we always start during a religious world reincarnation revival that is an incarnation of mine or a good angel that emphasizes reincarnation.

I pray it becomes mantra in those religions that fail to believe in it or have leaders that espouse the idiotic doctrine that a an angelic being gets to live only one lifetime .

Being made in the image and the likeness of God comes with the understanding that God’s plan for our lives is to enjoy our impossible surroundings while serving the light Our Holy Spirit that abides within us all.

Prince Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT

™Angelcraft Crown Entertainment and Hotel Food and Luxury Resorts

Authorized and written by – JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni M.S.. PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI – AGA KHAN XIII – Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT- Adagio I – in partnership with the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Man and the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ



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