Company Images About Prince Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT In partnership with the Holy Spirit.

no-one-is-good-but-our-god-of-no-name-prince-adagio-nome-de-plume-jcangelcraftAngelcraft International and its owner Prince Adagio – Birth name Jose Maria Chavira- Complete Divine name AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI -Adagio I- carry the power and the authority of the Holy Spirit.

This day in eternity, by the Power of our precious perfect Holy Spirit who gives us totems of innocence like the Christian Fish or the pouch Latte Mustache Dwarf Bunny with a Baby Bunny inside or even the Burning Bush or the Star of David, I the Co-founder and co-owner of ™Angelcraft Crown International takes authority of all media digitized, taped and film so Democracy’s religious magic does not destroy it or physical hands loyal to Democracy do not erase it off your website or anyone else’s for that matter.

This is done for reasons of world security, political reasons and for reasons that help to preserve the beauty of the world as well as the recorded evidences that we know to be the true atrocities of  ”Democracy” a religion that is double minded and unstable in all its ways.

Cordially Prince Adagio

Prince Adagio the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ the Son of God

Divine name AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Adagio PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI – Formal Name Prince Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S.

™ AGNVS DEI Personal Website of Prince Adagio the Holy Spirit Crown Prince

Minoan Right Waves- the Completeness of God -Minoan Left Waves



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