Coat of Arms Eternity's Quill Before the Sword 1 b

Historical artwork. This is one of many coat of Arms owned by Jose Maria Chavira. M.S. Adagio 1st.

Right Business, Right Government, and Right World Management and Commerce

With the Originator our Holy Spirit who is the Wealth of Nations

June 22 2014 Right prosperity is our aim.  Right philanthropy is our aim.  Right partnership with humanity to provide jobs for people all over the world and making sure we lead by example and hope others follow our lead.

You do not have to be  Crown subsidiary to partnership with the Holy Spirit.  You can have the Holy Spirit as a partner in your own separate business if you have a close personal relationship with the Holy Spirit

The aim of all Independent Business owners who wish to partnership with the Holy Spirit is to sustain a good prayer life in any of the Holy Spirits Good religions so doors can open up for you.

Second do not enter into a relationship with the Holy Spirit just because you wish to get rich.   Pray daily for the fires of transparency to cleanse you from want and from being attached more to manna than to your Holy Spirit for whom your presence and return as a prodigal child means more than immediate success

Daily Right repentance and Right Prayer and daily giving your business over to the Holy Spirit without any strings attached will buffer greed and avarice.

I’ll tell you business people on average do not do these things.  Good ethics and fair trading and no cheating in business can cause you also to succeed especially if your is to help people in a secular way.

The last thing you want to do is to fall to lie of Satan bow down and worship him, do all he says and he will make you successful.  There are lots of poor evil people in this world mostly in jail.

There are many ways to do business in our World Theocracy and since I have turned over my World and My Businesses to the Holy Spirit things have gone well for me. +

People are getting business loans, infrastructure is being built, and scholarships are being offered as well as “Get Started”  Education centers for people of all ages and for all purposes under Heaven and like my nature to make this world better there is nothing new under the sun.

The Holy Spirits Business deals on my Behalf through attorneys et. al. are very satisfying to me.  All there is left for me is to write and travel when the time is right.

In my Board meetings expect me to pray and lead always in prayer.  The Holy Spirit will and has represented me as me all over the world so I am confident in many things.

World management in a perfect Theocracy is the fun of letting go of the reigns and see how you act in my businesses or in Government offices where people especially men attempt and desire to have office sex, something I do not permit in Business or Government.

I have requested and prayed my bedroom on my Jumbo Jets be removed in favor of the ultimate work station at the rear on the top floor and a simple single sleeper just like everyone else has.

I hope I get my prayer.  Because the less I distinguish myself in such things especially working tools such as Plains, Trains, Automobiles and Boats, the more the Holy Spirit wants me to be distinguished.

As world administrator no matter how the Holy Spirit honors me,  It will not get to my head. And I can and have been represented by my Holy Spirit in  many meetings at once and nothing is going to change.

This so I can enjoy my regular presence at spot meetings in the flesh, writing Cow and communing with my wife and my Holy Spirit my first love and teaching my wife or girlfriend to do the same.

If you get healed of a disease when I make love to my wife do not go back to your old ways.  I pray for this especially in sexually transmitted diseases.  Everything with purpose.  I do not wish to lay hands on your male bodies or do not need to touch another mans wife or girlfriend or child so they can get healed.

I pray the Holy Spirit minister to you about this.  Nothing immoral about making love to your wife and healing the world.  Where no healing occur, I know it’s for a reasons and I do not lose my confidence when presented with a child is presented to me in a wheelchair or adult.

Since becoming disabled it has been a good thing.  It has drawn me closer to my Holy Spirit and has me more in tune with the power of God that comes from my Love a gift of the Holy Spirit.

“Save yourself” a man once said to me after having witnessed great power.  The last thing anyone can do is manipulate through Logic my wisdom and hope such people start caring for others instead of seeing how they can make me doubt my faith and belief in everyone’s healing or the wisdom of judgments that have healed adults and brought a different type of attention to children.

Right attention to children is making sure you love them non sexually especially if they are disabled.   Bringing such before me and asking, “What kind of God would allow this?”

To which I would respond, “Men allow sickness and create sickness with genetic tampering” My Holy Spirit assumes you should behave just like the Holy Spirit stuff you were made from in a free will world.  Then I would take that child from you because I know I could minister to her better than you could.

For unbelievers I can be difficult of approach.  Now and then the Holy Spirit allows me to be challenged but not much.  There is no “Cow” in arguing with people who are stuck and remain stuck in the child position using Transactional analysis terms.

Read Holy Books.  Write Holy words and think of the Holy Spirit in perfect terms and y0u will find the Holy Spirit for the Holy Spirit is perfect.

Suffering, I count my suffering all Joy and thank the Holy spirit for finding me worthy of great miraculous rescues from poisons even though they cause pain sometimes and are made worse emotionally, psychologically and physically at a psychological operations hospital.

I go down, and you guys realize that does not make the Holy Spirit very happy and suffers with me while regenerating flesh in an instant until all the poison is absorbed or attempts to eats through my stomach.

I am thankful my family and friends witnessed one such episode.  It makes sense after while to keep me in a divine dimension until world administrations from different countries and chambers of commerce and bankers are ready to receive me.

I have forgiven everyone  and just ask not to tempt the fates because from my heart and my love to protect and balance the world is thy judgement taken at times without hate or malice in my heart at this point.  Vengeance is mine when Men, Women, Children, Animals are hurt or humans are killed for the sake of democracy or anarchy.

No lets have fun and think about skiing in the New Jerusalem Holy Spirit Mountains and men not seeing how they can defile them.  Defile yourselves elsewhere, but I ask men that love to Ski and want to be one with Nature and Holiness to retrain yourselves if you are indeed made in the image of God.

Man made in God’s image for me is power to respect that one particular Law Mankind shall not lay with Mankind.  There is no mention of womankind in that verse but use wisdom if you are an orthodox believer.

Thirst and hunger to tell the truth and do the right thing and right righteousness will come.  Right righteousness is tolerant of others, tolerant of many things and is not judgmental and holds self-righteousness and self-righteous people in check.

Right righteousness accepts that mistakes are made by the soul and lies are told or the truth with held and still listens to prayer.

Right righteousness is the essence of God our Holy Spirit who gave us free will, we war, and still reincarnate up to a point.  Agape Love and resurrection power should not be abused or used as an excuse to keep killing and keep murdering for democracy a destroyer of good government, republics, monarchies and false Theocracies which have existed and denying equality to women.

Condemn others not without the Authority to judge your condemnation and all will go well for you.  May peace be upon all of you and I look forward to being a singularity with you as well as an omniscient Holy Spirit representative who will and can remember the truth of every minute taken and know my own wisdom.

I and the Holy Spirit are one in governing wisdom and if something does not sound right for a region state municipality or township that has separated due to prohibition, I will make sure to correct it despite previous agreements and laws that involve alcohol to be distributed to every chain store in the world of a certain franchise.

Consideration for Peoples right morals and right living come ahead of business contracts so that children or adolescents have access to alcohol.  Some parents want to raise their children in an environment where non of these things are presented either in advertising, film, or grocery stores.

Good government must respect such a commitment of a community or township.

These things are embedded and in more detail in your Theocratic constitutions that you are given a chance to present your countries theocratic constitution unedited to your citizens because God knows all problems that will occur in advance and writes perfect constitutions that cannot be ratified for the few in office who wish to continue pressing their immoral intolerant government prejudices on the world during times of judgment.

You will know them by their works and their fruits.  Pray for them as you would an enemy –from a distance– that God transform them as opposed to kill them in judgment.

As the judge of this world after any chances do I have to accept the death of those that will not be able to survive in our theocracy and is a sort of mercy.

God cannot have men impose immorality continually.  We need a break from the all Male Fraternity Network to a more balanced and autonomous system where alliance is to God first then Nation then duty to the people and at last our families and ourselves as opposed to the alliance of male leaders to each other and their sacred fire democracy philosophy and who send our innocent children to wars while they do things that are abominable to the Holy Spirit.    I thank my Holy Spirit for revealing to me the excellence of death processes and torture methods that are circumnavigated if the person is not a volunteer or destined to die.

Some people are masochist.  It’s hard to believe that people enjoy pain and witch everything under the sun.

I am for a good standard normal life of business and  government going about the world and doing good works and blessing everyone I can even if it is from my heart using omniscient power not being able to get to everyone in the flesh.

World Peace and others before self in Government and Life.

Good business is the same way and always considers the needs of others before their own.

Prince Adagio

Prince Adagio the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ the Son of God

World Administrator  AGNVS DEI Prince Adagio José Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT –PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI –Eternity’s Quill-Psychologist –Writer-Educator-Conservationist-Environmentalist-Human-Women, Children and Animal Rights Activist and Author of the Nine Needs all Humans Have and Institutor and Creator of Angelcraft Triton Anti-Psychological  Warfare-In Partnership with God’s Holy Spirit.   

™Angelcraft Crown International ®all rights reserved by the Holy Spirit for our partners©2014




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