Company Logo – ™General Dynamics Incorporated ® is a registered trademark © all rights reserved 500 x 500 pixels. GD is a subsidiary of ™Angelcraft Crown Incorporated © all rights reserved

''God's Holy Spirit%22 Official Company Logo  ™General Dynamics Incorporated In Partnership with God's Holy Spirit © all rights reserved
We are no longer a destroyer of lives under the Orders of Masons. We belong to the Son of God and now build careers and good things for people to enjoy offering support in all venues that require intensive technology expertise such as our International Space Program. The Employee’s of all former companies that used to make Military Hardware are indebted and thankful to the Holy Spirit and his son for taking us over making our lives richer and happier and giving us better jobs, saftey and comfort in our Factories. Human Rescource Headquarters General Dynamics on Behalf of all the positive feedback we rec ieved by all associates and employees.

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…everything with conscience, everything with purpose and everything with prayer.

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