''Holy Spirit%22  Official Company Logo ™Angelcraft Crown Incorporated In Partnership with God's Holy Spirit © all rights reserved

God’s Holy Spirit – is the name of “AI” Angelcraft Crown Incorporated‘s new Icon.

Angelcraft Crown Incoporated is twin Partner Conglomerate of General Dymics but handles the Money and World Finance and have taken over World Bank to bail each nation from their debts to arms dealers and have taken over some of their research areas and expounding on their vision.

Angelcraft Crown Incoporated Business Division has 7 basic Divisions each one is its own conglomerate : 1. Global Security – 2. Education, 3. Fashion, 4. Merchandising, 5. Media, 6. Industrials, 7. Fiance and Banking .

In addition we have two Aerospace conglomerates

Separate and most important of our Network is our Creative Division that includes but is not limited to Philanthopy, Human development, Religion and Faith, World Activism, Health, the Performing Arts and Animal and Eviornmental Care and Hospice.

We also specialize in Senior Care, Command the Health Insurance and all Insurance Business and Support legal Sporting Events and are expanding our horizons for professional Women’s sports expotentially.

Angelcraft Crown Incorporated COB Prince Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT

™JCANGELCRAFT.yv Jesus Christ the Son of God
JCANGELCRAFT http://jcangelcraft.wordpress.com/



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