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Beatitude 5 of Siddhartha “Right livelihood” can be expounded on in many positive ways for good living is extensive and good people are many. Living right is good healthy living and being conscience about how you treat others and yourself and how you seek to influence others. Negative prejudicial influences have always been a problem with mostly men and they can penetrate women as well. Pray that these pejudices – a sign of a fallen angel – and that occur in all colors of the human spectrum – do not touch you or affect you. – Prince Adagio – the Spirit of Man
Right Livelihood comes to us from the Eightfold Path of Siddhartha Gautama a Prince of India who inspired Buddhism – Prince Adagio

Updated August 24th 2014 ™Angelcraft Crown International.yv welcomes ™General Dynamics Incorporated as a partner

™Angelcraft Crown International.yv  welcomes ™General Dynamics Incorporated as a partner world conglomerate and Other Major Companies and Organizations in an effort to help restructuring the world for the bettermen oh human kind.

By the Grace, Power and Help of God’s Holy Spirit Prince Adagio heads charge

All new company takeovers and their websites are dynamic and supernatural.

Thanks to God’s Holy Spirit all major company’s and organizations carry the allure of great success in the wake of their takeovers.

Prince Adagio added a section at General Dynamics as to “How to Pray” that has miraculously appeared in more than once place.   He wrote,

“Prayer is as important to personal success and achievement as is study. Prayer and good working habits puts you in front of me and pleases the Holy Spirit. When you pray try to pray in secret always putting your hands together close to your heart and pray in your mind. I make it habit to write in my heart continual prayers to the Holy Spirit to accomplish my many missions that I have in this lifetime.”  – Prince Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT

Angelcraft Crown International welcomes you to visit, and examine all companies major companies around the world for confirmation.

Regarding illegal military hardware start ups that try to piggy back off our takeovers or try to be unique are brought under the scruinty of Prince Adaggio the Son of God and his legal Team led and directed by God’s Holy Spirit.

Due to its military background General Dynamics and all companies like are closely under the watchful eye of God’s Holy Spirit.   Any technology company with military apllications must be approved By God’s Holy Spirit or be taken over.

™General Dynamics Incorporated  New Website

™General Dynamics Old Website

General Dynamics old website is currently in breach of contract and the culprits have been arrested and the website is frozen as evidence and left open to hackers that pose a threat to the state so please do not mind it if the old GD website is updated with military information.  The information is all made up and part of the conspiracy of lies.  

The Real Company GD is much more diverse, not military oriented and more considerate of its employees than is the website that pretends to own it.  You can accesses it here

If it is updated and looks current, it is simply a police strategy to arrest people that again I say pose a threat to the state. 

General Dynamics COB – Prince Adagio
Principe Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT - La Pluma de Eternidad-En colaboración con el Espíritu Santo

Wanting what is good for your country and your countrymen and women is more important that your prejudice, and your desire to destroy your country and others.  It is written love one another and be good and kind to each other and for right now leave loving your enemies to me and do not worry for all judgment of men and women is reserved for son of God the Spirit of Man.

Article Authorized by JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI AGA KHAN XIII  

Company Images General Dynamics In partnership with the Holy Spirit Technology on Our side


Press release: June 13 2014th Mazatlan Santa Maria Espíritu Santo la Casa del Mexicano Holy Spirit teaches™Angelcraft Crown International.yv employees how to win friends and influence people

™ANGELCRAFT CROWN INTERNATIONAL.yv  ™Angelcraft Chocolate Break Room no. 1 with provisional furniture
™ANGELCRAFT CROWN INTERNATIONAL.yv ™Angelcraft Chocolate Corporate Offices “Espirit” Break Room no. 1 with provisional furniture

 Press release: June 13 2014th Mazatlan Santa Maria Espíritu Santo la Casa del Mexicano  Holy Spirit teaches™Angelcraft Crown International.yv employees how to win friends and influence people

The reason why we are so successful at ™Angelcraft Crown International.yv is because of our faith in Our Holy Spirit who without form and without name – created all that we know that exists in the Heavens, the Universes and the Worlds.

The Holy Spirit is our God of no name that works in mysterious ways. Our God of no name is like they say in Islam deserving of all the most beautiful names we can offer from our innermost parts.

What cares not for our worship or that no praise come is why we at ™Angelcraft Crown International.yv are so successful for we worship what deserves to be worshipped and that is what requires no worship by daily praising with music and touching our Holy Spirit to our hearts and into our most innermost parts.

The reason why we are so successful at ™Angelcraft Crown International.yv is because our acceptance of people in this world regardless of creed, color or occupation or circumstance. Love is why we are so successful.

We at Angelcraft Crown International must correct the errors made by masons and bring dignity back to each nation and ignore any computer generated news reports about long since dead presidents of world leader mason men and maybe a few female leaders that died in the line of duty who were not Masons.

Our loving and gentle Holy and us at ™Angelcraft Crown International.yv feel our greatest successes are our Dynamic Holy Spirit corrections that did not cost us one dime and much of our infrastructure around the world is made by our beautiful Monarch of no name that can live in a butterfly or look at us through the eyes wild animals and even of our pets.

Call us old Fashion but fighting for your Literacy and Educational Rights in every one of your incarnations is why we are so successful in each one of our incarnations on this planet and we always get what we want.

Providing divine dimensions, hospitals, good schools and food and comfort for the prejudice fallen angels of heaven that need sympathy and that incarnated into a momentary Democracy and paid the price for what they believed in their previous lives is another reason why we are so successful. – Prince Adagio JCANGELCRAFT –

JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni M.S. PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI AGA KHAN XIII  Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT C0-author with the Holy Spirit of the Nine Needs all Humans Have – Read them for free at™Angelcraft IT Institute for Better Health and Wellness

Watch an old movie about the importance of Literacy, Pride and Prejudice at AGNVS DEI – 

™ANGELCRAFT CROWN INTERNATIONAL.yv  interior-architecture- executive corner office  and also available in Holy Spirit Corrections - Tres Reyes Prince Adagio's Family Estates Below Lake Chapala Espiritu Santo
Tres Reyes Prince Adagio’s Family Estates Below Lake Chapala Espiritv Santo a gathering place to mend family wounds and encourage cooperation for our latest Divine Royal Family

™Angelcraft Crown Architecture

Angelcraft-Crown-International.yv Modern Architecture Holy Spirit Facilitated by Zaha Hadid Architects

This day in eternity June 11th 2014,  I wish to thank my precious Holy Spirit for our incredible infrastructure worldwide and for all my perfectly eclectic eternity niches in all my offices and hope my Holy Spirit enjoys them for a while before we partake in them together.

I pray a blessing on entire world Theocracy and pray against greed, avarice and people that want money thinking they have hostage.

I pray for the good people we are already doing business with and for all that you and for our volunteers that we reward in our own way and hope they accept our lavish treatment for their efforts.

Our new Dog and Cat adoption shelters are beautiful and Dogs and Cats wonder safely around in large grassy and parks and some we need to classically condition back to being soft dogs after their masters were taken away so they can enjoy the company of other animals all animals are nurtured or spaded if it is expected their masters are in jail and not coming back.

I thank all you people in the Theocracy for being patient and waiting on me as Mexico is truly a challenging Democracy untrained spiritually like the United States and being 90% uncharismatic catholics does not help.

The Holy Spirit is with these people and many like them and I can’t abandoned them so easily to live the high life just yet and perhaps when I do I will always make time for the new poor those that were rich and got a chance to live in a free society as middle class citizens as world standards go.

They are a challenge and headache but God suffers long with those that win and those that lose and to whom God suffers long with I too must do my best to show that I am that I am.

May God our Holy Spirit bless your fields, your ranches and your livestock.  May you have three good meals a day even in a democracy dimension and may the Holy Spirit penetrate your democracy and save you from the liars that would keep you poor.

 Always hoping – Principe Adagio

JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI AGA KHAN XIII Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT- Eternity’s Quill

Official Banking Coat of Arms of JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI AGA KHAN XIII Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT- Eternity's Quill
Official Banking Coat of Arms of JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI AGA KHAN XIII Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT- Eternity’s Quill


™Angelcraft Crown International In Partnership with the Holy Spirit

Angelcraft-Triton 1 New Jerusalem

Welcome to ™Angelcraft Crown International located in the Hub of the ™World Theocracy  in ™YHWH New Jerusalem home of the ™Mexiquense and formerly the country of ™Mexico-also called ™Angelcraft International and ™Angelcraft International Business and Media Group.

We are an old fashion company who believes in making prophets.  So you can rest assured in your investments with us.  We believe that as prophets, who are teachers first and foremost and teaching and expounding on God’s word by writing new COW and putting that –God’s work– ahead of our own hunger and greed for money and power is YHWH “The Way” to success.

Think of us like the roots of trade and an ™International Ancient Merchant with the originator of commerce our Holy Spirit who is  ™The Wealth of Nations.”

We believe in “Right Business,”  “Right Government,” and “Right World Management and Commerce.”

At ™Angelcraft Crown International –in Partnership with the ™Holy Spirit–We invest in people, and we believe in them too.

Our investment and commitment to the ™human race and your souls through ™Reincarnation has proven successful and in more than 99.9 % of this worlds population.

We have succeeded by using dynamic and diverse cultural strategies to appeal to your souls spiritual growth in each of your incarnations.

We have succeeded in 99.9% of human commitments to the business of faith in God and we retain a 100% success rate in the ™”Spirituality” and the ™”Higher Power” business.

We have done so by prayer and writing ™Holy Cow, ™Holy Scripture and believing in goodness of ™God’s Holiness and by believing in good, sound, morality and using our Faith in God t0 buffer an ever increasing technologically challenging world.

This inspires Faith in our ever expanding Eternal Holy Spirit –the builder of great Heavens, Universes, Galaxies, Solar Systems, the Worlds and Great Civilizations- In every Culture on this planet.

We have proven scientifically that A-theism or Agnosticism is a spiritual state hence one must have a reference point of  God to a assert their Anti-Theist doctrines that deny God exists.  A Theist is a person that believes in God.  An Atheist is someone that does not.  Either way the Theism and the Life Force thrives in all living things.

At ™Angelcraft Crown International, ™”Right prosperity” is our aim and ™”Right philanthropy” is our game.  At ™Angelcraft Crown International, ™”Right partnership” with humanity to provides jobs for people all over the world and making sure we lead by example and hope others follow our lead.

Champions are usually born Champions.  Champions can also be made.  A winning tradition exists not in a bloodline but in a soul.  The souls of champions move from Bloodline to Bloodline through reincarnation to mold, shape, build and make champions out of younger souls.

An all state Running Back from Tennessee —Woody Mc Garrh– a close personal friend– made champions of his sons.  Many good Fathers do.  In the process however, do not forget to be a good shepherd and a spiritual leader to your spouse, your sons and your daughters.

As for me, mine and those that work for ™Angelcraft Crown International, we shall serve the Holy Spirit and others before ourselves and in doing so we prosper ourselves without covetousness.


Jose Maria Chavira – (Prince Adagio)


AGNVS DEI Prince Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni –  PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI VERBVM DEI.

The Son of God

 Eternity’s Quill the Living Word


World Administrator and Crown Prince of the Holy Spirits World Theocracy  AGNVS DEI Prince Adagio José Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT –PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI –Eternity’s Quill-Psychologist –Writer-Educator-Conservationist-Environmentalist-Human-Women, Children and Animal Rights Activist and Author of the Nine Needs all Humans Have and Institutor and Creator of Angelcraft Triton Anti-Psychological  Warfare-In Partnership with God’s Holy Spirit.  Biography at

™Angelcraft Crown International ®all rights reserved by the Holy Spirit for our partners©2014

Beatitudes of Siddhartha: 5. Right livelihood: Be a teacher, be a carpenter, be a scholar, be a priest or a monk

Beatitudes of Siddhartha: 5. Right livelihood: Be a teacher, be a carpenter, be a scholar, be a priest or a monk. There are many good ways to earn a living and have a right livelihood.   In all things live within your means and always try to have a unique spiritual outlook and relationship with God.

Jose Maria Chavira M.S.

Read about all of God our Father’s institutions at