™Angelcraft Crown International Seat of the Universal House of Justice, the supreme governing body of the Baha'i Faith, in the city of Haifa, Israel.

MAY 25 2014 – Having done much field work and research in the area of corrections, the Holy Spirit helped me to design and implement correctional centers for people not used to being in prison and for people that are used to being in jail, they got a wonderful surprise.

A dynamic system of learning and education and privacy that does not compare with any correctional center in the world.

With study comes credits to buy money and make changes to murals on your walls to create your own ambiance.

These historical Correctional centers come with a millennial-dimensional Burning Bush that is a multidimensional digital widescreen 1000 times better than three Dimensional viewing that is functional for the Holy Spirit to interact with the inmate for a Moses Effect, but without destruction of the body that would come normally with people who stand before the real presence of the Holy Spirit and are not worthy to do so.

The Holy Spirit manipulates and communicates through these one thousands dimensional portals placed over each other  as well through each computer and each wide screen.

The Exercise area is not shown more the running track or the adjacent hospital that connects to Each Tower or set of towers depending on how the Holy Spirit set up the Hospital grid.

Each Tower is built on a platform and rotates according to the will of the Holy Spirit so that each half of the building gets a view of either the Ocean or the mountains or hillside once a week.

Be they a Doctor or or a Gang member each person in a private cell can learn or be taught something.  They get rewards and can change the look and ambiance of their room by passing educational tests.

These are the most humane Prisons in the world and the people communicate in their jail visits through Hologram platforms.  They are built for long term living and most people in them  have life without the possibility of parole.

™ ANGELCRAFT CROWN INTERNATIONAL Holy Spirit Corrections for life without the possibility of parole - the Most Humane Corrections in the ever made courtesy of the Holy Spirit

Adolescent care centers are much the same.

I am proud of the changes and the flexibility that the Holy Spirit offers to the inmates to make them feel human.

A limited intranet helps them to chat on line without outside interference.

The more study and the more rewards you get as you pass your exams and you can get an on-line degree from Harvard or a Nationally accredited school if you pass their entrance exam and the Holy Spirit pays all tuition if required.

Catalogs  of cell design and possibilities are always featured when people do not know how to design their cell once they achieve a major goal.

All Holy Spirit cells have steam baths, two washer dryer combos granite counters where their meals slide out, a dispensary and even a Snack vending machine.

All Holy Spirit Cells also come equipped with small subzero, a dispensary for their commissary, and a microwave oven.

The more people study the more options and choices they have.

Not featured are the Dome Ceiling where any movie playing on their wide screen can be transferred onto their dome that has quadrophonic Bose-like speaker sound with controls nearby their beds and they can lay in bed and watch their latest movie and assignment.

Every movie shown in Holy Spirit corrections comes with a test and everything has purpose and conscience and all done with love.  Seven Monitors provides a way for the Holy Spirit to catch the attention of a prisoner and keeps them from getting glossy eyed on one monitor and screen.

Days are planned out well and exercise and real interaction with the Holy Spirit makes these correctional centers hard to resist.

A good prisoner can make their cell almost like any home and garden apartment they have ever wanted but could not afford as a result of their studying.

Prisons can be made larger a 12 prison floor graduate can move to a 6 or a 4 prison per floor plan.

Plenty of good stimulation and the Holy Spirit matches people by compatibility and no riots occur.

And though many people will die in these corrections centers, they will do so soberly, naturally and with dignity and many with their degrees.

The beauty of these centers is that they demonstrate a small piece of power of the Holy Spirit and each inmate is given personal attention according to everything they have learned and invested in their lives.

Your brain and all you learned is your starting point no-matter how much or little education you have, then you will grow in leaps and bounds and will never feel more important as children of the Holy Spirit than at any time in your lives.

This is a small use of power by the Holy Spirit considering the Holy Spirit manages the Heavens, the Universe, the Galaxies and the Worlds and nothing in ethereal space no physical laws or the suns fusion would occur without the permission, power and force of the Holy Spirit.

Since the Holy Spirit knows everything about us, the Holy Spirit will not give us more than we can handle and knows all the right buttons to push in order to inspire us to learn even if we think we know it all.

It is important to remember that many inmates here are also politicians, intelligence agents, regular citizens that supported a murderous conspiracy, judges that did the same as well as Masons and many secret society members who did not get judged or murdered by their own.

This proves that the Holy Spirits definition of the Religion of Democracy is true and all Greek Fraternity rituals and International Fraternity of Mason Organized crime were not as nice a people as we believed them to be.

™ ANGELCRAFT CROWN INTERNATIONAL Corrections Research  Turkish Prisons
Mason Religion of Democracy at work in Turkey where some of the worlds most cruelest and harshest prisons once existed – Prince Adagio


Weiss has been held in a cell with a single lavatory and toilet that he shares with 30 other prisoners since early April. His parents, who were in Antalya, told the German press that they were allowed to see their son only once a week and were separated from him by a glass screen.

“He is in very bad shape physically and psychologically,” said the family lawyer Jürgen Schmidt at a press conference in the small town of Ülzen in Lower Saxony, where the parents live. “Marco sees himself as completely innocent and is baffled by what is going on.”  more at http://www.dw.de/germany-demands-release-of-teen-from-turkish-prison/a-2628789


Turkey Grand Lodge of Turkey[57] 1909 236 15,000  
Turkey Liberal Grand Lodge of Turkey[58]



777 The Completeness of God at Angelcraft Crown International


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